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11 July 2013 @ 02:33 am
Title: a golden bell starts ringing
Rating: PG-13, NC-17 (chapter 8)
Genre: Romance, Angst, AU
Pairing: AKame
Disclaimer: They're not mine. Story is mine, though.
A/N: beta-ed by unichan, love you for that ♥, from chapter 8 on un-betaed.
Summary: Akanishi Jin is no longer part of the entertainment world. He left because he couldn't stand it anymore. And there was another incident, concerning a certain Kamenashi Kazuya. And now he's going to tell the story of his life - including all dark secrets.

Chapter 1: “It’s been a long time since we last talked, huh?”
Chapter 2: “I was so mad. Angry about all of them. Johnny-san. Kame. Pi.”
Chapter 3:“It was the first time I’ve said that to someone. The very first time. I’ve never had said it to someone before.”
Chapter 4: “He was crying in my arms and I was simply holding him."
Chapter 5: Julie shook her head. “It’s already decided, we asked you here to inform you about it. It's not up for discussion.”
Chapter 6: "To undermine my words I held up my pinky, like in the old times."
Chapter 7: "I called him right away, even in my drunk state I knew that picture wasn’t good to be seen by my boyfriend."
Chapter 8: "It was the same hotel as in 2003 when we had our photobook shoot here."

Chapter 9:
"It’s not that we made that kind of stuff often in Japan, but when we went out for dinner, it was always fun."