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01 January 2020 @ 08:20 pm
Friends Only!  

My journal is friends only!
If you have the same interests, don't hesitate to add me!
I don't visit LJ anymore that much, but sometimes I do :D

Full-time KISSme♥


Shipping: 仁亀 ♥ KoyaShige ♥ JaeVin ♥ HyukMin ♥ MyungJong ♥ SooHoon ♥ KiSeob ♥ 2min ♥ YunJae ♥

Also AKB♥
The Vampire Diaries♥ (Delena shipper~)

So, if you have just one same interest and don't hate on my other ones, you're very welcome to add me!!
Current Location: AkaKame's secret apartment
Current Mood: refreshedrefreshed
Current Music: NEWS Nippon (Live) by NEWS
avarrymonggi on August 15th, 2008 10:48 am (UTC)
hi there! i hope you don't mind that i added you... yes?
セレちゃん: Gakki with headphones ^^sere_chan on August 15th, 2008 11:55 am (UTC)
Nope, i dont mind :D

Added you back :P
avarrymonggi on August 15th, 2008 12:45 pm (UTC)
yey! then we can share the koyato love neh? *beams*
セレちゃん: KoyaShige - Flowerssere_chan on August 17th, 2008 12:35 am (UTC)
KoyaShige FTW!